Venting 4 Sanity is here for one purpose. To effect change. The type of change needed in a dangerous world full of lies, temptation, negativity and turmoil. Life is all about Living Without Limits.

We seem to forget that life is happening FOR US and not TO US. We’ve all been there… you’re living life, then one thing sends you into this negative downward spiral. You feel as if life is out to get you. Well that’s simply not the case. This site is here for anyone who’s ever felt like they are going to EXPLODE.


Have you ever had so much anger or built up rage that you lash out on someone who doesn’t deserve it? Or worse, you keep it in and take it out on yourself emotionally? That’s where we come in, here you can just “Vent 4 Sanity”. Drop on by, take out your aggression on the keyboard. Go click the “Start Venting” button at the top of the screen and let us know what’s on your mind.

We want to provide a community where people can stop by and “vent” or be there for someone who may just need to blow off some steam. Consider this site, that “older sibling” that will be the shoulder you need to cry on but wont recognize you the second you leave because everything is anonymous. It’s time to say Goodbye to your built up anger and emotions and say hello to Living Life Without Limits!

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