Welcome to Venting 4 Sanity!

You may have already read up on the site in our “About” page. If not, that’s OK!  Let’s introduce the site and the idea as a whole!

quote-1Welcome to Venting 4 Sanity! We’re here to be your “virtual punching bag”. Or maybe an “imaginary shoulder” to cry on. How about a free psychiatrist? Well maybe not so much… We are however the middle man for a lot of people who are looking to throw some “real life scenarios” out there for some “real life feedback”.

Simply click the “Vent” button at the top of the site and let us know what’s going on. We encourage people to post anonymously to protect their privacy. We do talk about very personal situations publicly. The last thing we want is for you to come here to complain about your boss and then go into work tomorrow to find your walking papers because someone saw your name here and “tattled” on you.

Moving on, this site was created to provide mental relief to those who may just need to yell at someone or “Vent”. Once a week we will respond to our “Vent” tab. We will select one of the submitted “Vents” and post it publicly,  with our response to the issue. You as the viewer will also be able to give your “two sense” by interacting in the comments section. Remember we here at “V4S” are not trained Therapists or Doctors. We’re simply made up of people who want to effect change in the world.

We want to help people who may not have the courage to speak up and ask for it in person. This is the perfect time for anyone to seek advice or additional opinions knowing that there is complete confidentiality.

So what are you waiting for?

Go Vent 4 Sanity!

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