Vent #101 (The Restaurant Industry)

So this “Vent” was submitted to us earlier this week. You can view it below with our response. If you would like to add your own input or advice feel free to in the comment section below.


A friend of mine showed me this site and I love the idea of being able to just lay into all the problems I have with my life or people in my life without feeling guilty or afraid that someone I know will know its me. So I’m going to give this whole “venting” thing a try.

I usually do alright with keeping my feelings to myself but I just can not hold them in any longer. I work in the restaurant industry. I have for over 15 years. I’ve mainly worked in the corporate branch of restaurants. (Applebees, BWW, TGIFridays etc). With this comes certain expectations of you as an employee (which is understandable). But the constant feeling of disrespect and unimportant is starting to get to me. Starting at the top (Bosses) and all the way down to my co-workers. I can’t help but feel like I’m viewed as a dime a dozen” if that makes sense? Almost like I don’t really matter because they can just go out and find another waitress just like me tomorrow. It’s getting very frustrating and wearing me down. I’m contemplating leaving for another job. I might even leave the industry all together. I’m beyond sick and tired of people viewing wait staff as useless pieces of trash that have no goals or motivation/ambition in life. People come out to spend as little as possible to feed their families and then beat up on the person who is bringing them their food. If the food isn’t cooked right, it’s my fault. If the plate comes out with the wrong side dish it’s my fault. If the temperature of the room isn’t to their liking I must fix it immediately or it’s going to effect my tip. (Keep in mind that if I change the temperature to please one guest it upsets another).

As I said I have spent the majority of my working life in the restaurant game and it just seems like a broken record. The same thing no matter where I work. I’ve worked in one place for 7 years, left for another that offered room for growth (management), then that didn’t pan out so I’m currently stuck at my current job with all of the same issues. I want to change careers (god, it’s pathetic this is considered my career) but I’m not sure if it’s worth it because I might run into all the same issues at a new job only I won’t have a clue as to what I’m doing in whatever new career I attempt.

Thanks for listening.



Dear Anonymous,

I get what you are going through and completely understand the feelings you are having. Believe it or not I have been in a similar situation. I spend the majority of my 20’s working in the restaurant/bar industry and found myself feeling like I was expendable. I received little to no recognition for the things I went out of my way to do or that was above and beyond, but you better believe if the slightest thing went wrong the guests would be on Yelp writing a negative review about me. It sounds like you already have a negative view on the industry as a whole. Now I don’t want to suggest anything too “life altering” here but if you honestly feel miserable and like this isn’t what you want your future to be, then maybe it is time for a change.

bwwI know you mentioned wanting room for growth & advancement in one of the previous jobs. Would that have really been the solution? I have several friends in the hospitality industry that actually wish they could go back to just being an hourly employee because being on salary is so demanding. They aren’t able to leave when you can leave and often can’t get time off like you can. So does that really sound like something you would have wanted when you are so sick of the industry? That position would actually want you there MORE…

I do also get the customer thing. I have dealt with my fair share of miserable customers and they are the majority of the reason why I left that industry years ago. I couldn’t take people speaking DOWN to me, or thinking they’re better than me because they are paying $20 for two entrees and an appetizer. So I have felt what you’re feeling first hand.

2016-12-20-21-smallerIn closing if I were to give any bit of advice to you it would be to look at the pro’s & con’s of leaving this industry. Everything from getting paid in cash tips (PRO) to dealing with miserable customers (CON). See if there’s more things in one category than the other. Then if you want to think more, think about what it is you want to do in life. What’s your passion? What would you like to do that would make waking up for work in the morning EXCITING?! Look at the meme to the right =>>>>

Life is not about working, paying bills & going to sleep. Life is about LIVING. Find something that makes you smile. Life is too short (as we all know) to spend the majority of it upset, miserable & holding in your feelings.

Thank you for Venting with us & Good Luck

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6 thoughts on “Vent #101 (The Restaurant Industry)

  1. I Worked in the restaurant industry for 10+ years. Hated everything about it except the immediate money in hand at the end of the night. Best of luck to you making this decision. I personally will never go back to the restaurant industry for all of the negatives you have listed in your vent.

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  2. The restaurant industry as a whole is dreadful. I don’t know how anyone could make that into a career. It is just one person belittling another. I worked in a restaurant as a waitress for 2 years of my life when I was in my early 20’s. I’d never been more disappointed in our society as a whole. I was talked down to constantly and hit on by sleazy disgusting men. I will never go back.

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  3. Every once in a while I feel like I need a career change but I’m not willing to start from scratch. It’s a big life altering decision so make sure you do some serious thinking before you just make a quick decision.

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