Awesome Source for those looking for more help.

From time to time those annoying advertisements that pop up in the corner of your screen actually turn out to be something more than just SPAM. I was recently reading an article online about mental health when an ad for this site GoodTherapy popped up. Not even realizing it I must have pushed on the ad with my finger, which then directed me to this website.

I was shocked. Not complete junk? Not another website caked with banner advertisements.

This site helps you search for all kinds of help based on your location. The home page has a drop down type of menu that reads left to right as follows, “Find a Therapist”, “Explore Therapy”, “Issues Treated”, “Psych-Pedia A-Z”, “Blog”, and an “About” section.

Obviously if you are a returning visitor of our site (THANK YOU VERY MUCH BY THE WAY) you know that we are very invested in the “IMPORTANCE” of Mental Health. It seems as though GoodTherapy also shares that passion. Very cool to see a website that makes reaching out for help very easy.

We highly recommend checking GoodTherapy out if you’ve ever thought of seeking out therapy sessions. For those of you who may be too shy to give it a shot think of it like this… If you’re worried about the condition of your back, wouldn’t you go see a chiropractor? What if you tweaked your knee? You would go to a knee specialist right?


A wise man once said, “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”. Why not see a “mind specialist”? Make sure everything is OK up there… 😉

After all you can’t live without a brain.

  • Happy Venting!



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